Institute Workshops

Pending funding, the Whaletown Institute is looking to offer the following workshops and programming, which will start in January, 2010 and run throughout the year:

1. Whaletown Weekly Writers Workshop - an on-going weekly 2 hour workshop for island writers. This will be a traditional writers’ workshop, in which participants will read and give feedback on each other’s works-in-progress. It will run for a period of 36 weeks.

2. Life-story Writing - an on-going bi-monthly workshop focusing on memoir writing and ethical wills. This workshop will help participants write and compile personal family histories which they can pass on to the next generation.

3. Thematic Workshop: Basic Computer Literacy for Writers – a 4 week course on basic computer skills, which will include word processing software (Open Office, Microsoft Word, Scrivener), formatting manuscripts for submission to magazines and publishers, Internet research.

4. Thematic Workshop: Writing Genres pt. 1 – a 4 week course on writing and reading a single genre, such as nature writing, poetry, short fiction, short-short fiction, creative non-fiction, historical fiction, children’s literature, screenplay, web-based writing, blogging and on-line journalism.

5. Thematic Workshop: Writing Genres, pt. 2 – a 4 week course, as above.

6. Thematic Workshop: Literature and Film - a 4 part screening series that highlight an interesting aspect of writing, including classical narrative structure, point-of-view, non-linear narrative, screen adaptation.

7. Community Micro-College – 6 two-hour classes, workshops, and lectures by local and off-island experts on diverse subjects of interest to the community such as permaculture, socially responsible game design, zoology, paleontology, local history, art history, and Japanese calligraphy.

8. Study Groups —on-going and informal peer-led groups focussing on books, reading, and skill sharing. We are happy to be starting the first of these study groups, led by Ayami Stryck, who will be teaching Japanese calligraphy and brush meditation.