Cancelled !!!!! Heart Sutra Brush Meditation Group

2009-10-20 19:00
2009-10-20 21:00

Cancelled !!!! Due to illness

Ayami Stryck, who is a wonderful fibre artist and Japanese calligrapher here in Whaletown, will be leading a Heart Sutra Brush Meditation study group, which will meet once a week (or once every two weeks?) at the Institute. Our first meeting will be this Tuesday evening, September 21, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and we'll discuss future scheduling at that time.

In Japan, shakyo, or sutra copying, is a venerable Buddhist and spiritual practice. The Heart Sutra, a core text in Mahayana Buddhism, which explains in a very few words the teachings of emptiness, is often used as an object for this meditation. (For more information, please see note, below)

The two hour study group will start with a short period of zazen, followed by chanting of the Heart Sutra in Japanese. Most of our time together will be spent doing brush meditation and calligraphy practice. Even if you've never held a brush before, don't worry! Ayami will show us how. This calming and inspiring practice of shakyo helps us integrate the wisdom teachings of the Heart Sutra through our body, breath and mind. We will also spend some time reading from different translations and commentary on the Heart Sutra, from Zen, Tibetan and other traditions of Buddhism. We will work together to compile a full bibliography, with suggestions for on-line talks, for everyone to share, so we can continue our practice and study at home.

There will be no fee for this study group, but we will be asking for donations to Ayami, as well as to the Whaletown Institute to help cover the costs of heating and hydro and good green tea!